drum roll please!

I did it!  I've 'discovered' myself!  Whoa, whoa, don't be rolling your eyes like "it's about time"!  It's never too late.  And since leaving full-time work, I've been wondering about my next chapter.  I've shared some of the things I looked into -- primarily website (SEO) copywriting and blogging.  But after conferring with my great... Continue Reading →

i’m baaaaaack!

Oh my!  Where does the time go?  I wake up every day with a list of 'must-do's' (one of which is post a blog update), and you see where that's gotten me.  So what have I been doing?  Where has the time gone? Richie Coldcuts is quick to point out to people that "she's retired". ... Continue Reading →

ww – off my ‘regimen’

As a reminder, the 'ww' in the title means it's Women's Wednesday!  Due to the 3-day weekend in the U.S., Wednesday really snuck up on me.  I had intended to talk about skincare today.  And I still will.  But Memorial Day actually had a bad affect on my skincare regimen.  For the first time in years and... Continue Reading →

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