drum roll please!

I did it!  I’ve ‘discovered’ myself!  Whoa, whoa, don’t be rolling your eyes like “it’s about time”!  It’s never too late.  And since leaving full-time work, I’ve been wondering about my next chapter.  I’ve shared some of the things I looked into — primarily website (SEO) copywriting and blogging.  But after conferring with my great sponsor, I have decided to be a Rodan + Fields consultant.  Ta Dah!  I mean, it’s the best skincare regimen in North America, and many business activities are accompanied by a glass of wine or a mimosa!  What could be more tailor-made for me?  Girlfriends, beauty products, adult beverages … to say nothing of making my own hours and running my own business.

It’s my first foray in direct marketing.  And the timing is right.  It’s so appealing to me.  It’s got that social aspect, (you KNOW how much I love to TALK).  I get to use all these great products (like having my very own fountain of youth all the while being a walking advertisement!).   The product line is amazing.   And the direct marketing niche can work for so many people.  Young, old, uh, I mean mature, experienced, newbies, already working, winding down, what-have-you.  I’m so excited I feel like I’m going to be one of those annoying cheer-leader types with everything but the pom-poms.  So don’t ruin my great buzz.  If you’re a nay-sayer, a non-believer, or already have perfect skin, just please hold off from commenting while I still have this glow!  I’ll let you know when (IF) the enthusiasm wanes, and you can further crush me with any negativity you want to voice.

OK — that being said, most of my circle of readers, followers and friends are upbeat, supportive, open-minded, kind and wonderful.  So I expect nothing but rah-rahs, atta-girls, way-to-gos, and more!  I promise I won’t do this a lot, but I’m sharing the link to my site.  (And MEN — Rodan + Fields does have products for you!).  Any of you readers who want great skin, or to start your own business, let me know!  I’ll share the glow!  https://chloefargione.myrandf.com




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