meet maggie – ‘dolphin whisperer’

When I first started my blog, I introduced my kids, grandkids, and grand-dogs.  Since then, I've acquired an additional grand-dog and now the dogs outnumber the kids 4-2.  My only local grand-dog is Maggie, so I see her a lot more than the others.  She's been in the 'burg for about 4 years now and... Continue Reading →

sunrise AND sunset!

I've waxed poetic many times about life in 'the Burg' -- St. Petersburg, that is.  Besides being a crazy fun place to live, it really is an idyllic paradise.  It's unique.  It's a peninsula within a peninsular state.  When they were visiting, I told our great relatives and friends (Diane, Joe, Tina and Jenna), that... Continue Reading →

funny, right?

The third week in February was a great week.  Nearly my entire family (sister, brother, kids, in-laws, grandkids, nieces, etc.) converged on Redington Beach from New York, Denver, Orlando, Austin and Jacksonville.  So fun, so many memories, so many laughs. My sister Jane and I got to catch up on our kids' lives, our current... Continue Reading →

. . . and repeat

Is it me, or is practically every once-successful TV program having a reunion or a comeback?  And why do viewers push for it?  Don't we want to see something fresh and new?  Have the writer's exhausted every topic and idea for new programming?   Full House, Arrested Development, 24, and Dallas have all arisen from the... Continue Reading →

can you laugh at yourself?

I can.  I HAVE to.  Otherwise, I would cry a lot or drink heavily.  Do you do dumb things?  Do you sometimes feel absentminded -- or -- so stressed with so much to do that you have absolutely no recollection of driving to work?  Since my friends and I are all starting to be 'of... Continue Reading →

spam mail – oh my!

Life is full of spam.  On your cell phone, on the sidelines of every email, in Facebook and more.  And I thought I knew spam.  Nope.  Here's what happened.  Richie Coldcuts and I were lucky to be included in a big Thanksgiving gathering of close friends in the 'burg.  Our contribution was to be dessert. ... Continue Reading →

the big run

Richie Coldcuts and I returned to his promise land (NYC) last weekend for the NYC marathon.  His son was running, neither of us had ever attended before, and we were overdue (in Richie's eyes) for a trip to 'the city'.  We were excited to cheer Matt on and officially spectate the big event.  For the... Continue Reading →

is it really November ?!?!

OMG.  Say it ain't so!  Where in the h*ll did the year go?  I can't believe Halloween is over.  The grocery stores are fully stocked with cranberry sauce, stuffing, green beans and those canned fried onions to go on the top!  And while you're shopping for your Thanksgiving feast, you can listen to Christmas carols... Continue Reading →

drum roll please!

I did it!  I've 'discovered' myself!  Whoa, whoa, don't be rolling your eyes like "it's about time"!  It's never too late.  And since leaving full-time work, I've been wondering about my next chapter.  I've shared some of the things I looked into -- primarily website (SEO) copywriting and blogging.  But after conferring with my great... Continue Reading →

i’m baaaaaack!

Oh my!  Where does the time go?  I wake up every day with a list of 'must-do's' (one of which is post a blog update), and you see where that's gotten me.  So what have I been doing?  Where has the time gone? Richie Coldcuts is quick to point out to people that "she's retired". ... Continue Reading →

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