ww – beauty for sale

Hi Ladies!  Happy Women's Wednesday!  I've been on a beauty journey lately.   I've become much more aware of and interested in semi-permanent and permanent beauty treatments.  At a young age - early twenties - I realized you should never, ever say NEVER!  Every time I said "I would never do that", fate intervened, and... Continue Reading →

men are from mars

A funny thing happened yesterday.  I gave men the 'day off' and posted about hairdo's, skin care, fashion and jewelry.  And what do you think happened?  I got tons of feedback from men!  Comments, re-Tweets, Likes, what have you.  Which really got me thinking. Did they all read the blog because there are more metro-sexuals... Continue Reading →

women’s wednesdays

I have written about a lot of the important aspects of my life: hubby, hobbies, kids, grandkids, interests, lifestyle.  Now it's time to acknowledge my age/gender demographic and share some thoughts and habits around that.  I'm reserving Wednesdays for my fellow sisterhood.  So all you men out there, who have been relating to my posts... Continue Reading →

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