ww – beauty for sale

Hi Ladies!  Happy Women’s Wednesday!  I’ve been on a beauty journey lately.   I’ve become much more aware of and interested in semi-permanent and permanent beauty treatments.  At a young age – early twenties – I realized you should never, ever say NEVER!  Every time I said “I would never do that”, fate intervened, and I ended up doing it.   “I will never get divorced” — DID.  “I will never be over-weight” — AM.  “I will never stop exercising” — HAVE.  “I will never get a tattoo” — MIGHT.  See what I mean?!?

So, no, I’m not heading to the parlor to have ‘I ♥ Richie Coldcuts’ tattooed on my arm, but I MIGHT have my eyebrows done.   (It’s called microblading).  All I’m saying is, I’ve started noticing the ways we women enhance our looks.   In fact, I recently fell in love with individual eyelash extensions.  They are the bomb!  No more mascara.  No more raccoon eyes in the morning (Well, that won’t happen anyway if you wash your face at night like you’re supposed to!).  I wake up looking bright-eyed, and need to add very little make-up to go about my day.  This is a new thing for me.  I was born a lashless wonder.  Really.  Seriously.  I observed the lashes of every woman I knew starting in high school and through my 20’s.  Not one had as short, or as few eyelashes as I did.  I blame both parents.  Neither of them contributed to that gene.

I became an early adopter of Latisse.  It works.  It makes your natural lashes longer and fuller.  But I have to say, Latisse cannot hold a candle to individual eyelash extensions. With extensions,  you can choose straight or curly.  Long, longer, longest or Kardashian!  It can happen in two hours (no waiting for weeks).  They do require ‘fills’ and  they aren’t cheap.  They ARE worth it though.  And you’ll save the $$ you were spending on mascara, Latisse, and make-up remover wipes!  I have been seeing Hope at  Blush Cosmetic Enhancement  in  St. Pete.   The initial appointment is usually longer and more expensive than the follow-up fills.  I cared for my lashes exactly as directed, and I didn’t need a fill for more than four weeks.  If you go to a good, certified esthetician who uses good products, I believe you’ll be as thrilled with (and addicted to) the results as I am.

My older daughter chastised me severely for neglecting to take before and after pictures, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this one!

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