can you laugh at yourself?

I can.  I HAVE to.  Otherwise, I would cry a lot or drink heavily.  Do you do dumb things?  Do you sometimes feel absentminded — or — so stressed with so much to do that you have absolutely no recollection of driving to work?  Since my friends and I are all starting to be ‘of a certain age’, we’re constantly doing sanity checks on ourselves.  Looking everywhere for your readers and they’re on your head?  (Even worse, they’re right on your face?)  Have you done that?  Often?  We console ourselves that forgetfulness by itself is not a certain sign of dementia.  But putting your car keys in the fridge may be.

Right before Christmas I was runnng to and fro, grabbing Christmas decorations from our storage locker, mailing cards, fitting in a skin-care party, shopping online, posting articles for a client, and on, and on.  Sound familiar?  So I found myself out in our hallway, waiting for the elevator, and I glanced down at the T-shirt I had thrown on.  I knew it had writing on the front — you know with that somewhat-sticky-feeling lettering?  So where was the writing?  Well, on the back.  I had put the shirt on backwards.  I don’t know why, but I burst out laughing.  I think I was imagining how funny I would have thought it was if I was already in the elevator, and some daffy woman got in with her T-shirt on backwards.  I raced back to our unit, stepped inside the door and spun my shirt around.  I still had a ridiculous grin on my face when I got in the elevator.  The two folks already inside probably thought I was loony.

Once back home I thought, man, I better make some coffee to get me through the rest of the day.  I use a pour-over cup that holds a single-serving filter with coffee, then you pour in hot water.  I grabbed a filter and found myself pushing it directly into my coffee cup — and didn’t realize I was missing the pour-over until I started to scoop coffee into it.  Wow, I was r-e-a-l-l-y struggling today.  I grabbed the pour-over, added the filter and the coffee. The final insult?  I poured the water into the pour-over, but it wasn’t atop the coffee cup.  You just gotta laugh!!

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