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Is it me, or is practically every once-successful TV program having a reunion or a comeback?  And why do viewers push for it?  Don’t we want to see something fresh and new?  Have the writer’s exhausted every topic and idea for new programming?   Full House, Arrested Development, 24, and Dallas have all arisen from the cutting room floor and returned — on new networks, for limited seasons, or just a one-time episode.  What is with the chronic question: Is Friends planning a reunion?  Every time one of the stars from Friends guests on a show, they are asked.  Last TV premier season brought ack Will & Grace.  Yes, I liked (maybe even loved) Friends and Will & Grace.  And since Will & Grace originally aired from 1998 until 2006, with a fairly young cast and hip theme, it may well make a strong comeback.

But today I heard that Murphy Brown may make a comeback.  They flashed the original cast up on the screen and then showed current pictures of Candice Bergen, Faith Ford and the others.  Each photo was scarier than the last.  This show aired from 1988 to 1998.  Twenty years have elapsed.  Since it went OFF air.  To say some of these folks are long in the tooth is an understatement.  It will be more like Murphy’s Golden Girls.  Yeah, maybe if the Olsen twins decided to do the re-do of Full House (and they won’t!), they’d still be photogenic and maybe the writers could re-invent the show with a current vibe.  But sometimes, you just have to let it rest.  Let it go.  ENOUGH.

Even the most beloved shows eventually fall in the ratings.  Especially successful shows (M*A*S*H, Dallas, Law & Order), sometimes stay on a few seasons too long due to viewer loyalty and past success.  But once a show ‘goes’, it should stay gone.  Outside of syndication of course, where they may outlast all of us!  TVLand is there just for those who can’t wean themselves from their old favorites.  Even Andy Griffith can be found on air with Opie, ‘Ain’t Bea’, Barney and Andy in black and white.  But we’ve all seen Ron Howard (supremely talented director) sporting his signature baseball cap over his mostly bald head.  And I don’t think I want my retinas burned with him reprising his role of Opie.  Can you imagine?  So to the Murphy Brown cast — please don’t do it!  Leave us with our great memories of your 1990-ish selves.

Are you all with me?  Cheers to new content, fresh faces, and modern ideas!

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