sunrise AND sunset!

I've waxed poetic many times about life in 'the Burg' -- St. Petersburg, that is.  Besides being a crazy fun place to live, it really is an idyllic paradise.  It's unique.  It's a peninsula within a peninsular state.  When they were visiting, I told our great relatives and friends (Diane, Joe, Tina and Jenna), that... Continue Reading →

. . . and repeat

Is it me, or is practically every once-successful TV program having a reunion or a comeback?  And why do viewers push for it?  Don't we want to see something fresh and new?  Have the writer's exhausted every topic and idea for new programming?   Full House, Arrested Development, 24, and Dallas have all arisen from the... Continue Reading →

that Friday feeling

Ahhhhh Friday!  Mid-day Friday is the best feeling.  The polar opposite of Monday morning (or even late Sunday evening).  Just a few things left to do before having that weekend-kickoff martini.  I love Bombay Sapphire (is that bad?).  Is it the blue bottle?  I mean, it just looks like a vacation.  And to me, a... Continue Reading →

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