that Friday feeling

Ahhhhh Friday!  Mid-day Friday is the best feeling.  The polar opposite of Monday morning (or even late Sunday evening).  Just a few things left to do before having that weekend-kickoff martini.  I love Bombay Sapphire (is that bad?).  Is it the blue bottle?  I mean, it just looks like a vacation.  And to me, a martini glass has always said “party”.  I meant it to be in bold: “party“!  Wait, capital bold: “PARTY“!  OK, I guess by now, you get my drift.

And you’re probably thinking, wow, alcohol problem?  Well, no, I have no problem with alcohol.  Haha.   But really, it is something of a ritual with Richie Coldcuts and I.  Friday is the day we try to be done by 4’ish.  And actually, more often than not, we stay in.  But out come the PARTY glasses, and we toast to the beginning of the weekend.

Whether we have specific plans, or no plans, it’s that time when we think about everything we want to do.  Go out on the boat, go scooting around the ‘burg, catch up on sleep, sure – get some laundry done (I guess), go out to dinner, take in a movie, meet up with friends, read a good book, take a leisurely walk, go watch the (Tampa Bay) Rays play at the Trop, stop in and listen to Jim Garrett strum his guitar at Del Mar, head over to Gratzzi for something Italian, and what else?  So yeah — those are my Friday night thoughts; the possibilities are endless.  Then Sunday evening comes, and sometimes, I haven’t done a single one of these things.  Does that happen to you?   Does the 2-day weekend go by like a blur?  How can those two days go so much faster than Monday and Tuesday do at work?  HOW?  Well, I’m going to worry about that on Monday.  Cheers!

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  1. Midday Friday is a hard thing to beat…and you’re so right about the pace of M – F. The weekdays ooze along like cold syrup, and the weekends fly by like nothing else! Funny how that works. You guys enjoy the weekend!


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