ww – don’t worry, it gets worse

Hi Ladies!  On this Women's Wednesday, I'm curious to know how many of you can relate.  Do you hate your hair (or feel like it hates you)?  My hairdresser has mentioned before that nobody likes their hair.  If you were born with I-would-die-for board-straight locks, you probably want curly.  If you have thin hair, you'd... Continue Reading →

‘you dumb bunny!’

That's what she screamed at me.  See, my mom was pretty mad.  And even though she yelled at us a lot (we deserved it), she rarely used foul language.  So being called a dumb bunny was right up there with you stupid *&*#+@! blankety-blank child and bruised my nine-year-old ears!  What had I done?  Other... Continue Reading →

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