ww – don’t worry, it gets worse

Hi Ladies!  On this Women’s Wednesday, I’m curious to know how many of you can relate.  Do you hate your hair (or feel like it hates you)?  My hairdresser has mentioned before that nobody likes their hair.  If you were born with I-would-die-for board-straight locks, you probably want curly.  If you have thin hair, you’d love a thick mane.  Right?  I mean, I never felt very blessed by my coarse, wavy-ish, frizzy hair.  Especially in the 60’s and 70’s in the sweat capital of the world – – Miami.  Especially before blow dryers.

But then what happened?  It got worse.  I mean, at least when I was young (until 11 say), I had blonde hair (blondes have more fun you know).  Then the mean-hair-god decided that in addition to frizzy, coarse hair, it should also turn mousy brown.  Sheesh, what did I do to deserve that?  Being female though, I knew there was a drug store around the corner just waiting to help.  Soon, I was blonde again.  Now how to tame the unruly waves and frizz?  That wasn’t quite as easy.  I tried Dippity-Do, Super Gel, orange juice cans (as rollers), ironed it, taped it, and ‘wrapped’ it (around my head at night).  And still, I couldn’t get my hair to look like Barbara Camilleri’s.  (Great friend from high school with perfect hair!).

Fast forward to college and the aforementioned fabulous invention of the blow-dryer. Did any of you have a Super-Max?  Finally, a way to coax my hair into a straighter, more stylish coiffure.  The ever improving blow dryers and products carried me into adult hood.  And for fun, there were so many color choices.  Remember when we got our hair ‘frosted’?  Come on, some of you do!  That was when you had a brunette base and your hairstylist used a crochet hook to pull your hair (painfully) through a rubber hat with holes and applied a lighter color to that hair.  It predated foil, ‘streaks’, highlights and lowlights.  I went on to be a red-head, back to brunette, and now returned to the way I entered the world — BLONDE (so I can have more fun!).

But, that’s a lie.  It’s really because right when I mastered the waves and frizz, my mousy brown hair decided to turn white, get thinner, more brittle and wiry.  Blonde haircolor is much more forgiving on top of white hair.  My white roots will blend in for a while.  The hair journey seems so unfair.  Just when you figure out how to fix one thing, your hair throws another curve ball at you.  And speaking of hair, let’s be honest ladies.  When your hair thins, and your eyelashes get sparse, and your eyebrows stop mid-brow, and you wonder where it’s all gone?  Well I’ll tell you.  It is now in your ears, your nose, and growing out of your chin.  You’re welcome.  Don’t worry, it gets worse!

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