women’s wednesdays

I have written about a lot of the important aspects of my life: hubby, hobbies, kids, grandkids, interests, lifestyle.  Now it’s time to acknowledge my age/gender demographic and share some thoughts and habits around that.  I’m reserving Wednesdays for my fellow sisterhood.  So all you men out there, who have been relating to my posts about boating, scooting, and Richie Coldcuts, I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to take a breather today, and check back tomorrow!

OK ladies!  It’s just us now.  I like to say I’m of ‘a certain age’!  Not that I want to divulge exactly, but come on, I’ve got two grandkids, and 40 years in the bag working the corporate life.  But I’m still quite alive, kicking, energetic, curious, happy, and oh — I still want to LOOK good.  I don’t mind looking my age, but I’m still interested in make-up, nice hair, clear skin, fun fashions.  And jewelry, right?  Remember that line in the movie Steel Magnolias about ‘what separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize’?  Can’t you relate?  And though I still think “I’ve got it”, truth be told, a lot of that is thanks to my two daughters and my son’s girlfriend.  They give me the best things for Mom’s day, b-day, Christmas.   Make-up, jewelry, scarves, perfume — and often something I wouldn’t have picked out, but then I get a million compliments on!

On each coming Wednesday, I’ll share something that has really made a difference for me.  And it will tie-in with the challenges that come with ‘older skin’, a mature body, feet that can no longer rock 4″ stilettos (rats!).  Lately, I’m especially into skin care.  Not just to combat wrinkles and sagging, but also the first 21 years I spent baking myself in the Florida sun.  Why, oh why, didn’t I listen to my mother?  Did any of you use baby oil to make sure the sun damaged you as much as possible???  That’s what I’m saying.  More to come — tune in on Wednesdays.

P.S. — the picture?  The ‘do’ my fab stylist created for my step-daughter’s wedding!

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  1. I love, love, love this post! I cannot wait to hear what it is you’ve done to get your skin so bright and even! xoxoxo


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