funny, right?

The third week in February was a great week.  Nearly my entire family (sister, brother, kids, in-laws, grandkids, nieces, etc.) converged on Redington Beach from New York, Denver, Orlando, Austin and Jacksonville.  So fun, so many memories, so many laughs. My sister Jane and I got to catch up on our kids' lives, our current... Continue Reading →

spam mail – oh my!

Life is full of spam.  On your cell phone, on the sidelines of every email, in Facebook and more.  And I thought I knew spam.  Nope.  Here's what happened.  Richie Coldcuts and I were lucky to be included in a big Thanksgiving gathering of close friends in the 'burg.  Our contribution was to be dessert. ... Continue Reading →

‘you dumb bunny’! – part 2

If you read my post from July 7th this will make more sense.  But, as background: the title above was my mother's deepest insult to us as kids.  And this time, I'm going to have to drag my sister Jane into this.  (In fact, I think she was the dumber bunny!)  My sister and I were both... Continue Reading →


My life is a blur.  I feel like time is literally FLYING.  And that I never have enough time in a day.  Ever feel like that?  How is that possible when I'm no longer employed fulltime?  I admit, when I was younger, I occasionally ran into folks who had retired from the large company where... Continue Reading →

‘you dumb bunny!’

That's what she screamed at me.  See, my mom was pretty mad.  And even though she yelled at us a lot (we deserved it), she rarely used foul language.  So being called a dumb bunny was right up there with you stupid *&*#+@! blankety-blank child and bruised my nine-year-old ears!  What had I done?  Other... Continue Reading →

i’m melting . . .

It's true.  The Florida heat is no longer playing around.  May was nice in St. Petersburg. We had several cold fronts to spare us from the impending summer heat.  And even one decent weekend in June when the humidity dropped low enough that the heat was quite bearable.  But as we march toward the summer... Continue Reading →

to heck with moderation

One of my favorite quotes is by Hunter S. Thompson.  Basically saying live life to the fullest.  More and more, it echoes my feelings about this life.  So many of the messages we receive along the way are around moderation.  The safe way.  "Save money for retirement".  "Eat healthy food".  "Don't drink too much".  You... Continue Reading →

my second adulthood

So this is the week.  For the first time in 39 years, I'll be unemployed -- more if you count high school and college jobs.  But it won't be permanent.  I like to say that Richie Coldcuts and I have a '2-career lifestyle'.  So even though my first career in technology is ending (for now),... Continue Reading →

out of the mouths of babes

Unconditional love is an amazing thing.  And baffling sometimes.  The first time I understood unconditional love was when I had teenagers.  Agree?  They can be so frustrating, hateful, challenging, MEAN, irresponsible --- arghh!  And yet, when they're yours, you still love them! Do you have kids?  Do you love them with all your heart?  You'd... Continue Reading →

betcha didn’t know . . .

I don't know how many of you work in large companies.  And maybe this goes on in smaller workplaces as well.  Many times in my corporate life, we had 'team-building' events.  They ran the gamut from 2 hours in a conference room, to a 4-day stay in a splashy hotel complete with daily gift bags,... Continue Reading →

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