writer’s block?

I’m still a blogging newbie.  I know this because this is my 26th post and I’m following more and more other blogs and some have been out there for years!  Coincidentally, I’m also working on becoming a content / creative writer.  For that, I will likely get assignments (500 words describing the benefits of flossing).   For my blog of course, it’s whatever I decide to write about.  Or WHOever!  And as you’ve seen, Richie Coldcuts is often my victim.  I’ve read about writer’s block, but never really experienced it until today.  For the first time I wasn’t sure  who  what I was going to write about.  But . . .

. . . more and more, when I’m out with friends or talking to co-workers, I’m tempted to write about them.  And it’s usually when they’ve said or done something I think is funny.  And that is often because it might’ve been slightly embarrassing.  For them.  It would be me channeling my inner Taylor Swift.  Though her songs are usually more about someone who ‘done her wrong’ rather than made her laugh.  Has she written a bad-ass song about Kanye yet?

So the question is — will I lose friends?  Is it ‘not nice’ or is it fair game?  Need some examples?  How about if a ‘friend’ fell off a bar stool (and wasn’t hurt)?  Or walked into a signpost while texting?  Or got a jaywalking ticket?  One of these things really happened, and the other two were just thought up scenarios.  I’ll let you know if I lose the friend from the real scenario.  Hope not, because he’s the fabulous chef/owner of my very favorite restaurant!  Friends beware . . . what writer’s block?

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  1. I think it depends! I’m usually a good sport (and I tend to trip/fall or be goofy on a frequent basis!). Some people are wayyyyyy too sensitive! So know your “victim”?


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