ww: do it for Dad!

Happy Women’s Wednesday ladies.  I have a gift for you!  Yup, you’re gonna thank me. I’ve done some research (so you don’t have to).  You no doubt know that Father’s Day is this weekend.  And whether the day is about your own dad,  or the father of your kids, or your son who gave you grandkids, you no doubt have some shopping to do, right?  Well here comes help.  A tidbit about me — I’m a Today Show junkie (and here’s where the research comes in).  I watch almost every day — at least part of it.  And one of their features occurs in their Orange Room where they announce a topic and encourage audience interaction via Twitter.  Then they present the results.

Last week, they asked Dads to weigh in on what they really want to do on Father’s Day. Guess what?  And this should surprise no one.  They’d rather play golf (or other sport) than anything else.  More than being with you — their beloved wife, daughter, mom.  More than being with the little offspring that made them a father in the first place.  More than anything.

Hooray!  Not only is your shopping problem solved, but you’re going to end up with a day just for you!  Note: If you have small children you’ll also need a sitter for Father’s Day. Then hurry to the nearest golf course and get a tee time or two for Daddy-O for Sunday. (You might want to go all out and let him play 36 holes — work with me here.)   Extra points if the foursome is your husband, father, father-in-law and son!!  Surprise Dad with the big gift on Saturday evening.  Say this: “It’s your day honey — you deserve to do what you want.  Just tiptoe out for your early tee-time so you don’t wake me the kids.”

Once Dad leaves for golf, you have all day to pamper yourself, watch chic-flicks, invite lady-friends over for cocktails, catch up on People magazine,  indulge in a facial mask (have you seen those lace ones?) . . .  You see where I’m going?   And you girls who had the sitter arrive at 10:30 — you may be going OUT to a movie, spa, mall, bar (right?).   Don’t even think about feeling guilty.  Dad’s out doing what he likes to do more than a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!  You’re welcome!

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