my second adulthood

So this is the week.  For the first time in 39 years, I’ll be unemployed — more if you count high school and college jobs.  But it won’t be permanent.  I like to say that Richie Coldcuts and I have a ‘2-career lifestyle’.  So even though my first career in technology is ending (for now), I need to figure out my next gig.  We don’t want to sell the boat, we don’t want to quit scooting, and won’t even think about not ‘hanging out’!  

And truth be told, I’m determined to take a few days and not get out of bed til 10:a.m.  If you didn’t read it, check out how much I like to sleep !  After that, I promised Mr. Coldcuts I’d get serious about new compensation.  How many times have you working stiffs said “Maybe I’ll go work at Starbucks”?  Do you know how annoying that must be to the real baristas?   And guilty as charged, I’ve thought about it.  They have great benefits, and I’ve never seen a sad barista.  Bonus points — I love the smell of coffee!  

Do any of you drive for Uber or Lyft?  I thought about that too.  Maybe Uber Eats would be a better choice for me; I really don’t want to pick up drunks.  Yeah, yeah, if I stick to daytimes, that would decrease the chances, but I’ve still shied away.  

Have you heard of Ship’t?  No?  Have you seen those people in green T-shirts in the grocery store, checking their shopping lists on their phones?   It’s like the Uber-Eats of grocery shopping.  I LOVE grocery stores.  I’m good at picking out produce and finding deals.  I told the good folks at Ship’t about that.  I completed their virtual phone interview and was exceedingly cheery on the phone.  (Lots of smiling.)  I think they liked me,  but they say I have to wait for an opening in my area — the ‘burg.  I’m waiting.  So what do all these jobs have in common?  Well for starters, T-shirts for uniforms, choosing my own hours, and I have to believe no SEV 1 calls on weekends!  Can you relate?  I’ll update my status in a few weeks.  Bet you’re on the edge of your seat!

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