ww – oops, it’s thursday!

I missed Women's Wednesday, but this Thursday post is meant for all my sisters out there: Yippee, skippee, I have a hair appointment today!  This is always a favorite day.  I go from feeling frumpy, dumpy, pale and plain to glitzy, stylish, burnished and bright!  A big metamorphosis within a few hours.  Do you all... Continue Reading →

ww – don’t worry, it gets worse

Hi Ladies!  On this Women's Wednesday, I'm curious to know how many of you can relate.  Do you hate your hair (or feel like it hates you)?  My hairdresser has mentioned before that nobody likes their hair.  If you were born with I-would-die-for board-straight locks, you probably want curly.  If you have thin hair, you'd... Continue Reading →

ww – bedhead beats hot-head!

Hey Ladies -- it's Wednesday!  In order for you to clearly understand the beauty issue I'm tackling today, I have to refer back to a past post about a slight 'sweating problem' I have. You may have seen from my last post that Richie Coldcuts and I are on the boat this week.  Currently smack in the... Continue Reading →

ww – smile!

Hi Ladies!  I went to the dentist today.  Just for a cleaning (and a lecture on flossing!).  It got me thinking about all the Hollywood smiles I see on TV.  Now, I've had braces on my teeth, one professional whitening treatment, and many, many Crest White strips.  I always felt lucky that my parents stressed... Continue Reading →

ww – how. does. this. happen?

Hi Ladies -- Happy Women's Wednesday!  If you're like me, your wardrobe, your accessories, your makeup and your shoes probably reflect every price point in the spectrum.  Meaning, I've bought shoes at Target and on 5th Avenue in NYC.  I've bought make-up at Walmart and at the make-up counter at Nieman's.  Same for earrings.  So... Continue Reading →

ww: do it for Dad!

Happy Women's Wednesday ladies.  I have a gift for you!  Yup, you're gonna thank me. I've done some research (so you don't have to).  You no doubt know that Father's Day is this weekend.  And whether the day is about your own dad,  or the father of your kids, or your son who gave you... Continue Reading →

ww – beauty for sale

Hi Ladies!  Happy Women's Wednesday!  I've been on a beauty journey lately.   I've become much more aware of and interested in semi-permanent and permanent beauty treatments.  At a young age - early twenties - I realized you should never, ever say NEVER!  Every time I said "I would never do that", fate intervened, and... Continue Reading →

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