ww – how. does. this. happen?

Hi Ladies — Happy Women’s Wednesday!  If you’re like me, your wardrobe, your accessories, your makeup and your shoes probably reflect every price point in the spectrum.  Meaning, I’ve bought shoes at Target and on 5th Avenue in NYC.  I’ve bought make-up at Walmart and at the make-up counter at Nieman’s.  Same for earrings.  So why is it that the earrings I lose are the ones that I love the most or had a hefty price tag?  Or both.  I guess for the same reason that the sunglasses I sat on were $$$ prescription bi-focals, NOT the cheesy give-aways I got on a Royal Caribbean cruise.  Argh!!!

So back to my earrings.  I’m so sad.  I just lost one of my very fave earrings.  And it’s not the first time.  They were made by an artisan jeweler; I bought them at Shapiro’s Gallery in St. Petersburg.  I re-traced my steps from the night I wore them, and checked at Gratzzi’s where we had dinner.  Nada.  Nothing.  So once again, I have ONE earring that I’m saving in case I ever find the mate.   I once lost an earring from a pair my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day.  I was so upset that I went back to the store and bought another pair.  I thought,  ‘wow, this is great insurance.  Now I even have a spare‘.  Guess what?  I literally lost 2 more of them.  I repeat — how. does. this. happen?

It reminds me of doing laundry for Richie Coldcuts.  His socks.  Always missing one.  But come on.  Socks do not equal earrings.  No sentimental value, and not even much dollar value.  The picture shows just some of the earrings I’ve lost the mate to and kept the other in the off chance the lost one will surface.  Some may look pretty funny because they date back to the 80’s.  That’s how long I hold on to the hope.  The one I’m missing so much right now is the one on the bottom left.  Think that artisan jeweler would make me just one more?  I think I’ll ask!

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