hell hath no fury . . .

... like mother nature.  I would guess that anyone in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South and North Carolina, and the Caribbean would agree.  Between Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the weather in and around the Atlantic Ocean has been especially ravaging in the last four weeks.  Sadly, there are TONS of people who've lost their... Continue Reading →

cruising to the 4th

Richie Coldcuts and I decided to extend the 4th of July holiday by taking some vacation days and boating down to Longboat Key to meet up with other boating friends.  Sounded like a plan, right?  Well, getting there was a little more difficult than we had envisioned. Original plan:  Richie and guy friends Matt and... Continue Reading →

gotta love joy-zee

Did you know I meant New Jersey?  Yep.  I just returned from there with Richie Coldcuts. We were up there to see Richie's parents and to attend our nephew's middle school graduation party.  A bonus was seeing Richie's kids and going with them to Augustino's  in Hoboken.  And Pier 13.  FABULOUS! New York / New... Continue Reading →

ww – how. does. this. happen?

Hi Ladies -- Happy Women's Wednesday!  If you're like me, your wardrobe, your accessories, your makeup and your shoes probably reflect every price point in the spectrum.  Meaning, I've bought shoes at Target and on 5th Avenue in NYC.  I've bought make-up at Walmart and at the make-up counter at Nieman's.  Same for earrings.  So... Continue Reading →

i’m melting . . .

It's true.  The Florida heat is no longer playing around.  May was nice in St. Petersburg. We had several cold fronts to spare us from the impending summer heat.  And even one decent weekend in June when the humidity dropped low enough that the heat was quite bearable.  But as we march toward the summer... Continue Reading →

that Friday feeling

Ahhhhh Friday!  Mid-day Friday is the best feeling.  The polar opposite of Monday morning (or even late Sunday evening).  Just a few things left to do before having that weekend-kickoff martini.  I love Bombay Sapphire (is that bad?).  Is it the blue bottle?  I mean, it just looks like a vacation.  And to me, a... Continue Reading →

sand vs. seawall, beach vs. bulkhead

I am a Florida girl.  Other than college, I've lived my entire life in Florida.  I love the warm lifestyle, but I HATE sand.  From the first time going over Rickenbacker Causeway to the beach with my family, I've hated sand.  I would walk very gingerly in my flip flops right down to the water,... Continue Reading →

living the high life

Bet this title has you wondering, no?  Well in this case, high refers to high-rise, as in the tall building we live in.  I grew up in suburbia; it was all I knew.  I married and raised children in a nondescript suburb nestled among cul-de-sacs, school zones, bike paths and trails.  I actually felt sorry... Continue Reading →

scooting around the ‘burg

Yes, it's true - - - we're scooters.  Which is to say we have scooters (think Vespa) and we tool around the 'burg on weekends.  Downtown St. Pete is way cool, way fun, and usually way crowded.  But richie coldcuts and I hop on the 'scoots' and it's the perfect way to check out what's... Continue Reading →

about richie coldcuts

Anyone following me will see that my picture changed to include the hubby in my life. Fondly referred to as 'richie coldcuts' by his florida friends because he comes from New York / New Jersey, is Italian and has that accent.  'Kawfee' in the morning, hails from 'New Yawk' -- know what I'm sayin?  He is... Continue Reading →

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