i’ve been using you

It’s true.  Full transparency, full disclosure.  I’ve always liked writing.  And when I (was) recently retired(!), I thought first of writing.  But it’s one thing to share your own crazy thoughts with folks on a blog, and another entirely to write for $$$.  Dollars, greenbacks, dinero.  Yep, that stuff that helps pay the mortgage and put gas in Richie Coldcuts’ boat.  For 39 straight years, I received a paycheck from a large corporation — every 2 weeks.  Rain, shine, (3 pregnancies), just like clockwork.  Well, they stopped.  My bank must be so sad!  Just like that, the electronic-transfer-of-funds relationship is over.

Well, whether my bank is sad or not, I sure am!  And I won’t even get into Richie and his boat!  But given the long amount of time I spent in said corporation, the one thing I was sure about was that I didn’t want to start with another one.  I want to work from home, work for myself, and do something that absorbs my interest and makes the hours fly by.  I slowly narrowed my options to blogging and copywriting.  Yes, you CAN make money blogging; I’m just not yet!  And by copywriting, I mean SEO copywriting. Which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  I’m pretty sure every single company on the planet has a web presence of some sort.  And for that web presence to be noticed, it needs to be well thought out.  And for it to be noticed by Google, it has to have some special lingo.  Jargon. Keywords that are not just catchy, but that will bring throngs of people to the site when they type a few words into the Google Search Bar.

I’ve been studying (an actual curriculum) to perfect the art of SEO copywriting.  For practice, I’ll be creating my own website soon to advertise my brilliant services.  So I’ve been using my blog (you lovely readers) to help me understand what is interesting to people.  What gets their attention?   I mean I’m perfectly suited to this.  SEO copywriting is the art of getting people’s (and Google’s) attention.  I’ve been trying to do that my entire life.  Look at me!!!   Listen to me!!!  Pay attention to me!!!  So, yeah, I blogged and took note of who read what.  Which of my catchy titles enticed folks to read?  Am I getting just female readers?  Or the men too?  What about millenials — the gold standard of consumerism today?  Well, I’ve learned a lot, and plan to continue with my site.  But unless I write about beauty (includes hair, make-up, clothes, health), I’m not sure I’ll get the throngs of people.  Far and away, that grabs the most readers every time.  For proof, I noticed that plenty of you men read/commented on the hair blog yesterday!   What’s up with that?  Funny.  Interesting.  I’m using you!

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