ww – i feel pretty (oh so pretty!)

Not!  My nails are a disgrace.  I’ve been there before, but I may be setting a new low.  Like nearly every woman I know, I get my nails done.   And my hair.  And my lashes.  ‘Done’ can mean polish, gel, acrylic, glitter, jewel encrusted, etc, but it always means someone is doing my nails, hair, etc.   And for 3-5 weeks after that, I look ‘polished and professional’.  But keeping up with recurring appointments can be challenging.  Add a couple of life events to your schedule and it’s downright impossible.  Due to an extremely sad loss in our family, Richie Coldcuts and I ended up in New Jersey unexpectedly.  Before I could fix and repair the chinks in my ‘armor’.

Yep.  I attended two visitations and a funeral with my right hand looking the way it does in the picture above.   I was a few lashes shy of a full set, and my hair wasn’t how I wanted it to be.  Yeah, I get it — this event was NOT about me.  And nobody noticed or cared less about my manicure or lack thereof.  I’m sure not one person registered my appearance at all.  But still — I felt incredibly shabby.  Until my logical brain kicked in, the little voice in my head was saying “everybody is probably looking at your nails, and thinking ewwwwww, she’s gross”.  Then my rational brain reminded me that nobody is thinking about you at ALL.  And yes, a hundred times I thought, well sheesh, at least file that nail and get some similar pink polish and just camouflage the ripped-off gel cover. But when you pack in a hurry, jump on a plane, drive to in-laws, then funeral homes, churches, cemeteries and family meals, it just doesn’t happen.

AND, It just doesn’t matter.  What mattered is that I was next to Richie and his cousins, aunt, siblings, kids, mom and friends.  They felt my arms around them.  They heard my words of wonderful shared memories.   They saw a woman who felt their loss and cried tears with them.  They knew I shared their grief and love.  It is so true that beauty starts on the inside.   And these types of events always help put your perspective back on the important things.  Family.  Friendship.  Love.  Health.  Right?

P.S. – We lost Richie’s cousin Domenick suddenly and sadly.  We loved him and will miss him always.  We send our love and support to Dom’s mother, sisters, brother (and their spouses), nieces, nephews and Frank.

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  1. Sending you and Richie big hugs! You have been through a lot – but you have such an amazing perspective on everything and your sense of humor means the world to so many!!!

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