ww – oops, it’s thursday!

I missed Women’s Wednesday, but this Thursday post is meant for all my sisters out there:

Yippee, skippee, I have a hair appointment today!  This is always a favorite day.  I go from feeling frumpy, dumpy, pale and plain to glitzy, stylish, burnished and bright!  A big metamorphosis within a few hours.  Do you all feel the same way?  I usually try to schedule my appointments prior to a night out with Richie Coldcuts — so I can model my new coiffure out on the town.  Because no matter what, I have never, ever completely reproduced the look my hairdresser gives me once I wash and style my hair myself.  Why is that?  What magic dust does she use to make my hair shine more, have more volume, less frizz, and better color than I can achieve a mere day or two later?

And here’s another thing about THE day.  The day of the appointment or the night before.  That is the one day I actually LIKE my hair.  As if it’s challenging me to cancel my appointment.  My hair is in total mutiny all month until the eve of my appointment. It’s enough to make me stop and say, “maybe I WON’T get my hair cut / colored / curled today”.  One time — about 20 years ago — the voice was so loud, that I actually DID cancel a hair appointment.  The joke was on me.  My ‘hair’ must’ve heard me.  The next day my hair returned to its dull-lifeless-grown-out-roots-split-ends former self.  Mutiny I tell you.  AND – – – you know I couldn’t get another appointment for a whole week, right?

What about you ladies?  Am I the only one this happens to?  Well, not this time.  This time, I didn’t like my hair – last night or this morning.  So I’m going to change up my look.  Not just a trim, but a get a few inches whacked off; maybe ask her to razor-trim the edges!  It’s fun to see Richie’s face when he comes home to a whole new me.  So where, oh where is he going to take me tonight to show it off?  Can’t wait!  Cheers!


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  1. I missed my Wednesday post yesterday too ahah. Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x


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