diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Tomorrow, Richie Coldcuts and I are going on a little weekend getaway to celebrate nine years of wedded bliss.  That in itself is a little misleading because we’ve been together far longer.  Since we each have been divorced and had kids from our previous marriages we waited quite a while to tie the knot.  Waited to ‘be sure’.  Waited for the kids to get out of high school.  We had a small ceremony with family and very close friends.  And it’s hard to believe that was nine years ago.

I have tried to teach Richie that every anniversary is a diamond anniversary.  He’s not having it.  Which is sad news because the 9th anniversary traditional gift is pottery (think coffee mug) or willow (think basket).  Ugh.  Unless he puts a diamond in the mug or the basket!  I can hope, but if I think back to our second anniversary I know better.  Second anniversary is cotton.  Richie got me a T-shirt that said “All I got for my second anniversary is this T-shirt”.  I swear.  How could I make that up?  He thought that it was not only exceedingly clever, but funny.  Hmmmph.   So should I feign surprise when I get that coffee mug that says “All I got for my ninth anniversary . . . . “?

So that you don’t think I’m a total material snob, I AM kidding.  A little.  And going to Boca Raton for the weekend is a gift in itself.  It’s nice not having to commute to an office every day, but I’ll confess to a touch of cabin fever lately.  So it will be fun to be on the opposite coast of Florida for a few days, and to not feel like I should be working (blogging, copywriting), doing housework (Richie would tell you that I never do that!), and to relax.  Last week, I had a bad car accident (YES, it was my fault), and both cars were totaled.  The good news is, nobody was injured.  I know we’re supposed to feel grateful for that, and I do, but it’s stressful going through the machinations of filing claims, moving belongings out of a totaled car, and looking for a new set of wheels.  So this getaway is just the ticket.  My diamond wedding anniversary in Boca Raton!  I can’t wait to open my new coffee mug!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your accident but glad you are all ok. That is the 4th accident I’ve heard of in last 2 weeks. My sister had same issue. Hope you have a great weekend and call me when you get back so we can get out of our cabins!


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