sunrise AND sunset!

I've waxed poetic many times about life in 'the Burg' -- St. Petersburg, that is.  Besides being a crazy fun place to live, it really is an idyllic paradise.  It's unique.  It's a peninsula within a peninsular state.  When they were visiting, I told our great relatives and friends (Diane, Joe, Tina and Jenna), that... Continue Reading →

diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Tomorrow, Richie Coldcuts and I are going on a little weekend getaway to celebrate nine years of wedded bliss.  That in itself is a little misleading because we've been together far longer.  Since we each have been divorced and had kids from our previous marriages we waited quite a while to tie the knot.  Waited... Continue Reading →

ww – bedhead beats hot-head!

Hey Ladies -- it's Wednesday!  In order for you to clearly understand the beauty issue I'm tackling today, I have to refer back to a past post about a slight 'sweating problem' I have. You may have seen from my last post that Richie Coldcuts and I are on the boat this week.  Currently smack in the... Continue Reading →

i’m melting . . .

It's true.  The Florida heat is no longer playing around.  May was nice in St. Petersburg. We had several cold fronts to spare us from the impending summer heat.  And even one decent weekend in June when the humidity dropped low enough that the heat was quite bearable.  But as we march toward the summer... Continue Reading →

sand vs. seawall, beach vs. bulkhead

I am a Florida girl.  Other than college, I've lived my entire life in Florida.  I love the warm lifestyle, but I HATE sand.  From the first time going over Rickenbacker Causeway to the beach with my family, I've hated sand.  I would walk very gingerly in my flip flops right down to the water,... Continue Reading →

scooting around the ‘burg

Yes, it's true - - - we're scooters.  Which is to say we have scooters (think Vespa) and we tool around the 'burg on weekends.  Downtown St. Pete is way cool, way fun, and usually way crowded.  But richie coldcuts and I hop on the 'scoots' and it's the perfect way to check out what's... Continue Reading →

livin’ in the ‘burg

At risk of getting some heat from friends, I want to share how great St. Petersburg is (we're not supposed to share the secret and draw too many folks here!).  Referred to as the 'burg by locals, it is a BIG small town.  Thriving, vibrant, on the water, young people, active people, dog-lovers, tons of... Continue Reading →

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