‘you dumb bunny’! – part 2

If you read my post from July 7th this will make more sense.  But, as background: the title above was my mother’s deepest insult to us as kids.  And this time, I’m going to have to drag my sister Jane into this.  (In fact, I think she was the dumber bunny!)  My sister and I were both Girl Scouts.  Brownies, Juniors, then Cadets.  Our mother was even a troop leader once or twice.  (She taught our troop how to make hats and waste baskets out of palm fronds.)

But enough of that.  This event happened when I was around nine and my sister around eleven.  It was Girl Scout Cookie Sale time!  Which is a Girl Scout highlight and also quite competitive.  Jane and I didn’t have an in at a grocery store, or a father who worked in an office where he could push our cookies on co-workers, so we had to sell door-to-door in our neighborhood.  We set out on a Saturday, each of us carrying two cartons (12 boxes each) of cookies.  The cartons had convenient ‘handles’ on them so we could carry them fairly easily.  We didn’t even have to carry a wallet or purse, because we could just put the money right in the box (mostly quarters because in ’65, they were .50/box).  Then, as today, the cookies ‘sold themselves’.  The Thin Mints were even more popular then, because that was way before Samoas and Tagalongs!

Block after block, Jane and I quickly and happily reduced our load.  At one point, I think we were even skipping.  It was really hot though, and once we had traversed the four square blocks around our home, we each had just a few unsold boxes.  We thought maybe our mom would buy the rest, so home we went.  Mom inquired about our sales, and then wanted to count the money.  Uh Oh.  When we looked in the box, yeah, there were a couple dollar bills, and even 5 quarters, but there was nowhere near the nearly $20 that we should have had.  It was then that we noticed there was also an oblong slit in the bottom of the cartons, where, apparently most of our quarters had dropped out.  And then, there it came – – “You dumb bunnies!  What were you thinking?  Why didn’t you take an envelope to put the money in?”.  Jane and I looked at each other, stared at the floor and mumbled “I don’t know” or some equally brilliant response.  Mom made us re-trace our route to see if we could find any of the lost money.  Back into the Miami heat, but this time, no happy smiles nor skipping!  My recollection is that we found 2 or three quarters.  We had to do yard-work to earn the rest of the money to turn into our troop.  I don’t like Girl Scout cookies as much as I used to.  . . . P.S. — Jane was older.  Shouldn’t she have known better?  Dumb Bunny.

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