scooting around the ‘burg

Yes, it’s true – – – we’re scooters.  Which is to say we have scooters (think Vespa) and we tool around the ‘burg on weekends.  Downtown St. Pete is way cool, way fun, and usually way crowded.  But richie coldcuts and I hop on the ‘scoots’ and it’s the perfect way to check out what’s happening on Beach Drive and Central Avenue.  We can tuck them into one parking spot if we see friends, get hungry or thirsty or stumble upon a new shop (I’ve purposely avoided talk about shopping because mr. coldcuts reads this blog!).  My scoot is a racy-looking streamlined beauty called a TGB Hook.  Now don’t laugh, but what else would richie coldcuts be riding but a former pizza-delivery scooter complete with a warming pizza box on the back?  Really.  If we decide to double up, we can both fit on my scooter, or for trips to pick up trinkets or produce from the St. Pete market, the ‘pizza box’ holds tons of stuff (without the warmer on!).  We don’t mind being the laughing stock of our many friends who have real motorcycles and cruise together on weekends — the 50cc speed is just right for us!


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