ww – bedhead beats hot-head!

Hey Ladies — it’s Wednesday!  In order for you to clearly understand the beauty issue I’m tackling today, I have to refer back to a past post about a slight ‘sweating problem’ I have. You may have seen from my last post that Richie Coldcuts and I are on the boat this week.  Currently smack in the middle of the west coast of Florida.  And it’s July.  In Florida.  If you have never been in Florida in July, August or September you will NOT be able to relate to this article!  It’s not just hot.  It’s hot and very humid.  Weather-casters use words like ‘oppressive’, ‘sticky’, ‘dangerous’.  Yep — referring to the heat as dangerous (maybe it’s only for the elderly, but who does that really include?).

So ladies, do you notice that by a certain point in your life, you’ve completely tackled the challenges you have styling your hair for your climate?  You may be able to curl it, straighten it, tame it, better than even your stylist.  Because you KNOW your own hair.  Mine is a delightful combo of not curly, not straight, not thick, (and sans color treatment it is mousy brown rapidly turning snow white).  And frizzy.  And even with all that hair-gene luck, I feel like I can usually make it look the way I want.  Well at least in January and February.

Fast forward to July.  Today the high is 93 (fahrenheit) with enough humidity to make it ‘feel’ well over 100 degrees.  Being a lifelong Florida resident, I’ve experimented with short hair, long hair, layered, ‘shag’, you name it.  I’m still seeking a cut/style that will allow 2 things: coolness and ‘not-horribly-ugly’.  Is that so much to ask for?  The ladies we boat with can pull it off.  When they wash and style their hair and we set out to lunch, their style stays intact.  Not mine — mine will be sopping wet, dripping from the ends and pretty much lose any semblance of a ‘style’.   OK, how about let it get a little long, then I can put it up in a pony tail.  Better, I can poke the pony-tail thru the back of a baseball hat and shade my face in the bargain.  But wait, am I the only one whose head gets so HOT in a baseball cap that I’m sure I’m having a stroke? And by the way — yep, the water still drips off my pony-tail.  Well there you have it.  All these years and still no luck.  I have to apologize; I said I was ‘tackling’ a beauty issue today.  I give up.  My advice?  Jump in the pool.  Don’t forget your bathing cap!


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